Creating Innovation Navigators

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A new tool for innovators working in government agencies and public sector organizations to accelerate mission.

Intended to deliver mission impact for  innovators of all stripes, the book provides innovation change-makers with the tools and resources needed to create an innovation framework that develops and deploys mission-critical solutions. The book is an additional resource to BMNT’s educational course of the same name, or it can be used on its own.  

Creating Innovation Navigators develops a common language for and understanding of innovation. The book explains how government agencies and those who work with them, to include universities, industry, consultants and non-profits, can create and fuel an innovation operating system to deliver real mission impact.

The book’s focal point is the Innovation Pipeline®, an end-to-end framework for guiding innovation, regardless of methodologies already in use. This critical tool provides a common language and a battle-tested process for creating impactful solutions at speed. 

"Future proofing our world doesn’t start with looking for the latest technology. It must be led by people who know how to create and sustain a healthy innovation ecosystem."

Pete Newell, CEO, BMNT

What People are Saying

"Amazing handbook for a Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) to begin or improve an organizations innovation process, pipeline and impact."
Kevin Keaton

Founding Partner / CTO at Red Cell Partners
Former CINO, National Security Agency (NSA)
"Creating Innovation Navigators is an essential manual for government innovators looking to accelerate mission and make real mission impact.  It provides a roadmap for immediate action and a path to outcomes that can make a difference."
Steve Blank

Founding Faculty
Stanford Gordian Knot Center for National Security Innovation
"This is the field manual for creative problem solving every government organization needs to be innovative. When I was in DoD, I wish this had been standard issue for every general, private, SES, and intern. This is the innovation guide every government organization always needed."
Josh Marcuse

Head, Federal Strategy, Google
Former Director, Defense Innovation Board
"Innovation in bureaucracies is hard—and innovators in such organizations need to move with direction, purpose, and speed in order to demonstrate value. This book is a must for innovators looking for proven approaches and a guide to navigating around or through challenges."
Christy Monaco

Vice President, United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF)
Former Chief Ventures Officer, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
"An amazing collection of actionable ideas, processes, and lessons learned from those who have worked tirelessly to improve our government through innovation, invention, and creativity. The barriers to consistent, rewarded innovation across government are abundant. Bureaucracy by definition is antithetical to innovation. Creating Innovation Navigators is a comprehensive guide to move from a system of ‘hero-innovators’ to an organization-wide innovation capability."
Daniel McCoy

Chief Innovation Officer, Transportation Security Administration
Former Senior Consultant, Deloitte
"As we move beyond individual disruption success stories to the critical diffusion of innovation across the entire government, Creating Innovation Navigators couldn’t come at a better time. This is a terrific, indispensable guide for the innovation practitioner. I only wish I had it in hand five years ago when I started my DoD AI journey!"
Lt Gen John (Jack) N.T. Shanahan, USAF (Ret.)

Inaugural Director, Project Maven
Inaugural Director, DoD Joint AI Center (JAIC)
"This book is a must read for any government practitioner of innovation.  It effectively articulates the critical importance of innovation, and it provides a concrete and practical explanation of what an innovation pipeline is and how to build one. The case studies deliver superb insights on how to apply the innovation doctrine to concrete challenges. Lastly, it highlights how critical driving culture and delivering outcomes are to any innovation effort.  I highly recommend reading this book!"
Teresa Smetzer

CEO, Smetzer Associates
Former Director, Digital Futures, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Table of Contents

The Challenge of Creating Innovation in Organizations

The Innovation Pipeline

Innovation Organization Methods


Building Innovation Organizations

Building Your Stakeholder Network

Tools to Support an Innovation Pipeline


Creating and Maintaining an Innovation Culture

Metrics that Matter: Outcome-Based Performance


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